5th Andean Energy Summit


This was the website for the 5th Andean Energy Summit.
Content is from the site's 2011 archived pages.

Event concept

Energy investment, policy and project development in the Andes and Central America.

In its 5th year, the Andean Energy Summit is Latin America´s most forward thinking, senior executive energy forum that will address the financial, regulatory, technological and operational challenges facing oil & gas, electric power, and renewable energy operators in the Andes and Central America.

Held in the energy capital of the Andes (Bogota, Colombia), the Summit will unite a faculty of energy project developers, regulators and investors who will address key trends, opportunities and challenges in driving the industry forward. Investment plans, environmental issues, new regulations and sector specific updates will be the focus of the agenda and the conversations held at the Summit.

This is the business Summit where new business relationships are created: Critical business relationships that will enable the growth of your business in 2011 and beyond. In 2010, the Andean Energy Summit united over 300 senior executives from over 22 countries, who participated in over 30 keynotes, case studies and panel discussions led by 50 senior level speakers from some of the most important energy companies operating in the Andes and Central America.

In 2011, we expect even higher attendance, better quality panel discussions, and more high level networking activities. We look forward to hosting you in July, 2011 in Bogota!

3 reasons to attend this conference:

  • Expand your network
  • Reach key customers & prospects for your company
  • Learn about major energy projects, investments & trends

An aside: Having attended previous Andean Energy Summits, I can attest that networking is an important componant of the summits. And the net connections range widely among many different fields, even those outside of the energy field. For instance I met a US maritime lawyer & legal expert at the last summit who became an important consultant for one of my clients who is in the oil industry. A maritime lawyer practices the law as it pertains to navigable fresh waters in the United States, as well as to the open water such as in the Gulf of Mexico or along the coastal seaboard of the US. SInce my client was drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico with an American partner, the maritime lawyer's advice was particularly helpful. I was given a finder's fee for the introduction/ recommendation which was also sweet.

Conference overview:

The conference will feature over 40 speakers, 25 keynotes, case studies, and panel discussions led by some of the most innovative energy leaders operating, investing in, or regulating the Andean and Central American energy markets.

The goal of the Andean Energy Summit is to empower our attendees to make better decisions about where to invest, how to create better efficiencies in your operation, and how to navigate locale regulatory regimes.

Please contact Cristel Guajardo at:atcguajardo@bnamericas.com or +56 2 9410399 to be considered as a speaker.


  • 8 hours of structured networking
  • 25 unique keynotes, case studies, and panel discussions
  • Attendees from over 20 countries: 300+ total attendees
  • Access to our private online community, allowing all attendees, speakers and sponsors to set up personal profile, set up meetings with attendees, and arrange schedules


  • Capital markets
  • Challenges and opportunities in the electric power sector
  • Distribution and commercialization of natural gas
  • Global climate change negotiations
  • Impact of shale gas on the region
  • Information technology and the energy industry
  • Interconnection plans and investments
  • International oil contracts: the Latin American scene
  • Oil-field service technology & innovation
  • Process control and industrial automation
  • Renewable energy projects and investments
  • Social sustainability and environmental responsibility
  • Tax and legal environment
  • Transmission line expansion

Who should participate?:

  • Engineering, procurement and construction companies
  • Energy consulting firms
  • Energy technology providers
  • Hydropower companies
  • Law firms
  • Local and foreign stock exchanges
  • Multilateral banks, Investment banks, Private equity firms & energy fund managers
  • National, Major independent and Junior oil and gas companies
  • Oil and gas exploration and production companies
  • Power generation companies
  • Rating agencies
  • Regional energy promotion commissions
  • Renewable energy companies


5th Andean Energy Summit Marketplace

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Luis Eduardo Duque Dutra

Chefe de Cabinete Do Diretor Geral

ANP - Agência Nacional do Petróleo, Gás Natural e Biocombustíveis



Andrés Taboada Velásquez

Director de Energía

Ministerio de Minas y Energía


Oil & Gas

Edgar Hernández Caro

Superintendente Internacional de Nuevos Negocios Upstream




Álvaro Caravia

Coordinador General de Gestión Empresarial - Gerencia de Gas Natural

EP Petroecuador



Juan Manuel Restrepo

Vice President, Supply & Logistics



Service & Solution Provider

Masoud Deidehban

Senior Vice President - Executive Project Director for the Reficar Refinery Project




Marcela Bonilla

Directora de Desarrollo Sectorial Sostenible

Minambiente - Ministerio de Ambiente, Vivienda y Desarrollo Territorial


Electric Power

Roberto Duque Y Ruiz, Ing.

Coordinador de la División Internacional

CFE - Comisión Federal de Electricidad (México)


Oil & Gas

Clovis Francisco Santos, Dr.

Director de Exploración y Producción

Petrobras Colombia


Electric Power

Lucio Rubio

Gerente General / CEO



Oil & Gas

John Francis Scott

COO Perú y Colombia



Renewable Energy

Jens Mesa Dishington, Dr.

Presidente Ejecutivo

Fedepalma - Federación Nacional de Cultivadores de Palma



Andrés Pareja Perdomo

Director de Financiación Estructurada

Banco de Bogotá


Renewable Energy

Amylkar Acosta Medina, Dr.

Miembro de la Junta directiva y fundador

Federación Nacional de Biocombustibles de Colombia


Oil & Gas

Guilherme de Biasi

Especialista en Regulación / Regulation Specialist

ANP - Agência Nacional do Petróleo, Gás Natural e Biocombustíveis



Steve Edwards

Global Chemicals & Petroleum Leader / Líder Mundial de la Consultoría de la Industria de Petróleos y Químicos




Leonardo Osorio




Oil & Gas

Eduardo Lima

Senior Vice President - Projects Development

Pacific Rubiales


Service & Solution Provider

Eliecer Licero

Andean Operations Manager / Gerente de Operaciones - Región Andina

Emerson Process Management Power & Water Solutions



Alejandro Lucio

Gerente General




May Oil Production hits 923,000b/d - colombia

Oil production in Colombia last month reached 923,000b/d compared with 902,000b/d in April and 776,000b/d in the year-ago month, according to preliminary statistics from hydrocarbons regulator ANH. Output has averaged 883,000b/d so far in 2011 versus 785,000b/d in 2010. Mines and energy minister Carlos Rodado Noriega has set production targets of 920,000b/d for this year, 1.15Mb/d for 2014 and 1.5Mb/d for 2015. Carlos Rodado is one of the confirmed speakers for the next Andean Energy Summit to be held in Bogotá, July 13-14. At this conference he will expose about regional overview on his portfolio and production targets for the region. Natural gas production hit 1.01Bf3/d (28.4Mm3/d) in May versus 988Mf3/d in April and 1.11Bf3/d in May

government supports lng export project - pacific rubiales ceo - colombia

Colombia's government has given its full backing to Canadian oil firm Pacific Rubiales' (TSX: PRE) plans to begin the country's first LNG export program from the La Creciente field in late 2012, according to CEO Ronald Pantin. "The government of Colombia is behind this project. We have all the support and decrees we need," Pantin told the firm's annual general meeting in Toronto, Canada. Pacific announced plans to begin small-scale LNG exports to the Caribbean from the La Creciente gas field on the SSJN-7 license earlier this month. The company has enlisted the help of Swiss LNG transport company Exmar for the exports, and will sell the gas at prices between US$4.50/MBTU and US$5/MBTU. According to a company estimates, around 11% of its international oil cargoes currently go to Central America and the Caribbean. Pantin also said the company is looking to diversify away from its North American market, which accounts for about 60% of its oil cargoes, by increasing its presence in new economic markets such as India and China. Within Colombia, Pantin confirmed that construction of the US$4.2bn, 450,000b/d capacity Bicentenario pipeline is currently progressing well. The US$1bn first phase of the project, involving the construction of a 120,000b/d stretch between Araguaney in Casanare department and Banadia in Arauca, is due online by the end of the year. Pacific has a 32% share in the venture alongside NOC Ecopetrol and several other Canadian juniors. Ronald Pantin estará presente en la próxima Andean Energy Summit como parte de la sesión que discutirá el papel que tienen las petroleras y gasíferas Junior e independientes en Colombia. En este panel, lo acompañaran: Julian García (presidente, Gran Tierra Energy), Huimin Ye (COO, Mansarovar Energy) y John Francis Scott (COO, Petrominerales) empresa con la que también participa en la construcción del ducto Bicentenario.

we welcome lago energy as our new associate for
the andean energy summit

On June 20th it has been signed an agreement with Lago Energy, who would be a part of the Andean Energy Summit as associates. LAGO Energy (www.lagoenergyusa.com) is a privately held U.S. energy and advisory corporation based in Houston, TX. Established in 2005, LAGO Energy has more than 65 professional associates worldwide and a select group that includes Fortune 500 and Forbes listed companies, with a global presence in the Americas, Europe and Asia and an international portfolio of projects exceeding $3 Billion US per yea